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The King is Dead, Long Live the King as The Force Awakens

I have never been a great fan of the Star Wars Fanchisee.  However, I must admit that I have seen all the six episodes either on DVD or on Theatres, sometimes accompanying my friends, or at other times, watching these movies when I had nothing better to do.  I must also admit that the First three Star Wars trilogies (surprisingly, they are numbered as Episode 4, 5, 6), as the following editions were prequels.  If I think I am confusing anyone here, then here is the chronological list of full six episodes of Star Wars which were released prior to this 2015 edition. 

(a)          Star Wars
(b)          Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back
(c)           Star Wars – The Return of the Jedi
(d)          Star Wars – The Phantom Menace (Episode I)
(e)          Star Wars – Attack of the Clones (Episode II)
(f)           Star Wars – The Revenge of the Sith (Episode III). 

Anyways, I must admit that the initial three versions of the movie were a real fun, with George Lucas directing them and which featured Alec Guinness, Harrison Ford etc.  However, may things changed after the trilogy as Alec Guinness died and Harrison Ford moved on to feature in Spielberg’s Indiana Jones Series and more earthy characters.   The franchise was dead!

However Lucas tried to revive it by directing the prequels, but they were not comparable to the originals and was such a bore.  Sometime in between, I read that Lucas had sold the rights of his movie to Disney, which has then engaged JJ Abrams, who is an expert in reviving franchises.  He has tried to bring in elements of the original trilogy by bringing in Harrison Ford, bringing in a lot of references to the Episodes 4 to 6 and has now called his new movie – The Force Awakens – as the Episode VII. 

Coming back to the instant, let me tell you, the movie is invigorating with 3D Effects and is comparable to the effects seen in The Avatar.  Harrison Ford continues to mesmerize and he is the soul of the film as he returns as Han Solo.  The surprise entry of Han Solo when you least expect it and references to the father-son duel of the Episode 4 and the treachery has been brought back adding to the spice of the movie.  Daisy Ridley as Rey, the Scavenger is a pleasure to watch and Adam Driver as Kylo Ren, the Dark Warrior heading the Storm-troopers, is also exhilarating.  The light saber duels are captivating and so are some of the locales, while the Droid BB-8 will make you giggle here and there.  In all, a must watch movie for this generation and for the old one alike, who may like some nostalgia.    The King is Dead, Long live the King.  


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