Thursday, February 23, 2012

Good Night, Good Morning - A Movie to remember

Director : Sudhish Kamath

In between my transit and my stay at various places in Kerala, I happened to see the movie 'GOOD NIGHT, GOOD MORNING'. It was one of those Indian English movies or rather what we simply call as NRI movies.  A noted film-critic with ‘The Hindu’, ‘GOOD NIGHT, GOOD MORNING’ is Sudhish Kamath’s second movie, and as a regular reader of his movie reviews in 'The Hindu', I was naturally attracted to this second venture of his.  

The title as well as the poster caught my attention and so did the synopsis, as I delved into this movie which is entirely shot in black and white. The Black and White narration seemed to be an anachronism at first, but it essentially turns out to be the movie's USP. It adds to the romanticism of the plot as only the dreamy sequences and the flashbacks are in color. The film employs the ‘Split-Screen’ narrative, where the entire story is shown happening side by side.  Plot wise, the movie is original, engrossing and entertaining.

The movie is based in US, New York and the main protagonists are NRI's which help strike an instant chord with the urbane multiplex hopping young Indians.  The story revolves around the female character Moira (played brilliantly by Seema Rehman), who stops by in New York while on her transit. There she meets Turiya (played by Manu Narayanan), who along with two of his friends is on a wild night celebration spree. The guys manage to get her hotel room number and there by her phone number.

While on their drive back, in an intoxicated state, the guys decide to call her. Turiya calls her and after an initial hesitation, the Moira engages in conversation with him. The rest of the movie is about their phone conversation which is gripping, self reflective as also romantic. The topics of their conversation range from their mutual attraction, to discussion about 'The Matrix', spiritual stuff as also their individual problems.  In the course, they both discover themselves and each other as a subtle romance takes over.

'GOOD NIGHT, GOOD MORNING' is a very subtle movie, depicting the nuances of relationships that happen just out of the blue - with people whom we never meet or never thought about meeting, but still happens - and then leaves a lasting impression in our lives making us wonder, how life can be so strange. Sudhish Kamath's narrative is fresh, romantic and engrossing while, performances of both the lead actors, Seema Rehmani and Manu Narayan are compelling and original.  

It is one of those movies that have to be relished like a crunchy and creamy ice-cream sandwich. A must see movie.

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