Sunday, December 11, 2011

Heavenly Creatures

Dir : Peter Jackson
Starring : Kate Winslet, Melanie Lynskie

Perhaps you might be wondering why I am writing a review of a movie which was released way back in 1994.  Today morning, with nothing else to do, I decided watch this movie on youtube and felt I should be writing about this (one of the most) under-rated movies ever.

"Heavenly Creatures" is made by the man who directed Lord of the Rings trilogy - Peter Jackson. The movie is about the famous 'Parker-Hulme Murder Case' where in Parker and Hulme, together murders Parker's mother, Peirse.

Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme are two 14 year old girls played by Kate Winslet and Melanie Lynskey respectively. They meet in school and become fast friends immediately. They create a secret fantasy world and become obsessive about it and each other. As their friendship grow, even bordering on homosexuality, and their fantasy land Borovnia seems real to them just as the real world outside, their parents grow concerned and try to seperate the pair. Resenting this, they plan revenge on one of the mothers. Their form of revenge...ultimate...Murder!

What sets the film apart is the fantasy world the girls create - the world named Borovnia. Kate quotes "I'm going to the fourth world. it's a sort of a heaven, only better, coz there aren't any christians!"

The fantasies get darker and darker as the girls get seperated and the movie gets more and more difficult to watch...but you can't tear ur eyes away from the scenes coz Peter Jackson creates a 'what will happen next' with delicious frissions created by the girls restlessness underneath.

The film deserves to be seen not just once but more than that, if not for all the above reasons, for Kate winslet's performance. As the smarter of the two girls, she dominates every frame and lights up each one of them. Pity about TITANIC, as she got the maximum adulation for the worst role that she did in her career.  Her performance in Heavenly Creatures,being her debut too, deserved an Oscar. 

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Seshadri said...

Nice review... will love to see the movie..Its nice to see you hitting the blogger pretty regularly.

Shaan Menon said...


and now-a-days... watching movies is just an excuse for writing...! but in the bargain.. my other two blogs and gets ignored...!

Manish said...

That's a nice quick summary of the movie babuetta... Nice..

Preeta Prasanth said...

Nice review...

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